Dead Again Chapter 1

Yes I write stories. They aren’t good or anything. Just random ideas that come to me when I’m bored. Usually when I’m walking. Anyway just thought might as well share them. Read it if you like. They have nothing to do with my life though. I will post other things but also post chapters to my story(or stories, I usually write 2-3 stories at once)

Chapter 1 – Bored

Mrs. Hollet held on his hand as though her life depended on it. It was ironic, since he was the one who saw her take her last breath. But she was at peace. She had been a 93 year old great grandma. She was glad he had waited so long to take her away. She knew she died without regrets.

Death held onto Mrs. Hollet’s hand like he held so many others over the years. To her it was something new but to him it was just another day at work. Though Mrs. Hollet couldn’t see but Death was holding a hundred more souls in his hands, each one oblivious of the other. He felt that it somehow made them feel that their death was special. Like he was specially taking them to the other side. It was a matter of seconds before they made it through but to them it was a long walk. He like to take them there on his own. He looked at his recent gatherings faces. Some showed peace, some fear and some disbelief. He was always fascinated by all the feelings humans showed on their face. He never felt them (and he was glad) but he loved the idea of having millions of emotions to express. He realised he had drifted off in thoughts just to gather himself in front of a huge gate. His victims looked at him. But he always saw the same face at this point. All them asking the same question in their minds “Is this it?” Almost as if answering their question, he nodded and let the gates open. He felt the touch of hundreds of hands leaving his hand. The gate closed and Death sighed. Another round of human souls sent There.

Death looked at his list. He felt bored. He had been doing this for a very long time. So long that he had forgotten when he started or was there even a start. There were a few moments in those million years that he felt remembering. He also remembered his mistakes. And the times he purposely killed someone just because he was bored. He never spared anyone’s life. As far as people were concerned, no deserved to let their lives spared. Matt Christopher Fraus. The first name on his list. Death smirked at his last name. Fraus. I wonder what his wrongdoing was. Death touched his name. Immediately Death got a flash of his whole life history. Born in St. Augustine, Atlanta, Matt was the 3rd child of Martha and Stewart Fraus. He was born on 12th December, 1988. An average child with some good grades and loved to play tennis. He went to Georgia State University to study graphic design and just passed out of college with an average grade point. He had just recently received a job offer at a famous web design company which he took promptly. His life was completely uneventful that even Death felt sorry for him.

Death browsed through his list. Lots of people, no one interesting enough to him. He sighed and made his way to Matt’s car. Death always had a way to kill people. He mainly choose car accidents because he hated cars. There was no reason, he just never liked it. He hated airplanes too but that was a lot of unnecessary lives. Death watched Matt run to his car. Probably late for work. Poor guy, the last thing on his mind will how he wasn’t in time. He should take time to see around him. Maybe then he’ll have more excitement in his life. Just at that moment, Death had an idea. And for the first time in his long, lonely life Death smiled.


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