The 1st post



Where to start? or what to write? Quite a few questions to think of before starting a blog. And then comes the question, who is going to read my blog. The answer to that is fairly simple I think. Who cares? Its your blog right, all you have to do is type.

Writing the first blog is never simple. You are always wondering if what you wrote is worth it. Worth posting so that someone else might read. Well, maybe it is and maybe its not. But taking the first step is the important part. And once you begin, eventually you get into it and continue. At least that’s what I hope to do.

Well since it’s the first blog, let’s just introduce myself. Let’s see, my name is Ritwika. I’m am insane. I literally don’t know how else to describe me. Or maybe there are other ways to describe me but for now let’s just go with insane. I am generally a happy person, if you see me sad or angry, then you are one of those unfortunate people. I like a lot of things and I’m and easy person to please. I get attached to the smallest and insignificant things. I love dogs and animals in general. I hate cockroaches! If I could get rid of all the cockroaches in the world i would definitely do the world that favor. But then that is impossible because there are more then 600 different species of cockroaches. And those suckers can survive in almost any extreme condition. If the world was to determine the strongest species, it’s not humans it’s cockroaches. They can survive freaking sulfuric acid! Scientists have determined that if extraterrestrial life does exist, they are most likely going to to more cockroach type than human. Imagine human sized cockroaches walking around. *shudder*. Anyway enough about cockroaches. I am a agnostic atheist (it’s a real thing). I’m open to the idea of god or any spiritual being but don’t preach it to me.

So I’m going to leave you with that. Maybe you will find out more about me as we get along, but till then take pleasure in knowing someone you haven’t met(or maybe met). Till the next blog, live a with a smile on your face(it’s take less effort). 😀


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