Dead Again Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Try Again

Matt rushed to his car. Holy shit! Haley is going to kill if I miss her stupid dress thing. Why do I even have to go? Matt’s sister Haley Michelle Fraus was going to get married in 2 weeks. Her husband was a nice guy and Matt like him but Matt didn’t like the big fuss about the marriage. He knew that even though this was his sister’s first marriage it wasn’t going to be the last. He was absolutely sure about that.

Matt got into his car and realized that he had forgotten his wallet. He thought for a second whether it was worth it and he would rather spend time in prison if were to get caught for speeding than see his sister’s killer face. As Matt drove through the traffic, he thought of the various things he planned to do after meeting his sister. It was after all a nice Saturday and he didn’t want to waste it. His thoughts were disturbed but the song on the radio. It was Hessian Peel by Opeth. He sang along to the song at the top of his voice. Somehow he felt happy today even though he knew that he was going to be terribly late for his sister’s dress rehearsal.

Suddenly the radio screeched. Matt tried to tune it but all the radio channels seemed scrambled. Out of the blue a voice came through the radio. It was soft, like it was whispering something. Matt intrigued increased the volume but somehow it was still a soft whisper.

“I think you should look at the road while driving” said someone from behind Matt

Matt jumped up at the voice. He immediately looked back and braked at the same time. What he didn’t realize that he stopped his car right in the middle of a junction. A truck coming at quite a high speed honked and braked. Before Matt realized what would happen the truck bashed into his car. Matt’s last words were “I’m sorry”


Matt opened his eyes and looked around. “It was just a dream.” He smiled and looked out of the window. The birds were singing as usual and it a beautiful Saturday. He got out of bed and followed his usual routine. He looked at the clock. 11:10 pm. Shit! Haley’s dress thing! He quickly put on clothes and ran out of the door. He realised he forgot his wallet. He ran back inside and went to pick up his wallet.

Just as he was getting out the door, he had images of his dream just like they were real. He scrunched his eyebrows and shook his head. But something inside him told him to go back inside and spend the day in bed. He decided not to take his car and walk to the place. He was going to be late there anyway, might as well enough the day on the way.

As Matt walked pass the music store, he heard the radio play Hessian Peel and stopped to listen to it. He liked the song and told his sister to play it at the wedding. As the song drew to its end, Matt heard a cry from the alley next to it. He run towards it. He saw an old woman being robbed by a hooded man and he had a gun in his gun. The hooded man saw Matt and panicked.

“See, I just want the old lady’s money. Don’t cause any trouble and no one will get hurt.”

“I don’t want any trouble. Just let the woman go and everything will be fine. Just take this. My wallet.” Matt put his hand in his jacket to remove the wallet. The hooded man immediately pointed his gun towards Matt.

“No funny business! Remove your hands from your pockets! You!” facing the woman, “Go! Get out!” The woman nodded frantically and ran as fast as she could. Matt slowly removed his hands from his pockets. The hooded man took a few steps towards him. Matt put his hands up to show that he didn’t mean any harm. The hooded man seemed to relax.

“You really shouldn’t meddle with out people’s business,” said a voice from behind Matt.

Matt turned around in shock. It was the same voice from his dream. The hooded man panicked and accidentally pulled the trigger of the gun. Matt felt a sharp pain in his chest. His knees grew weak and he fell to the ground. The hooded man freaked out, dropped the gun and fled the site. Matt looked at his chest. It was bleeding and as his vision blacked out he saw a tall man wearing a black cloak carrying a black staff of some kind. Matt couldn’t see the face well but he somehow knew at the back of his head who it was.


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