Bizarre Birthday Theories…..

Well it’s my BIRTHDAY today!!!! As most people are happy and excited on their birthdays, I am way too excited!! Unfortunately for me, I have work on my birthday. But on a positive note its a Friday and that means here come the weekend!!! So since I’m gonna be working on my birthday I’m going to be doing whatever I want on Saturday!!!

But anyway, since this is my first birthday I will be spending alone, some really bizarre theories came to my mind while walking to work. And also while sitting and doing nothing at work. Here goes:

1. I am an avid follower of the ancient astronaut theory. For those of you not familiar with this theory please google it. It is interesting. Trust me. Well a part of the theory suggests that the Mayan calendar was true and catastrophe shall strike the Earth. Well today while I was walking to work, it struck me that maybe we are all actually dead and that this is just a reality created by our brain in order to cope with our dead selves. While we may think that we are living an entire lifetime, it might just be a second in which our life(had it not been destroyed by the Mayan prophecy) flashes before our eyes. And our brain tries to resist the idea of dying by creating everyone we love and know as part of this fake reality.

2. The second theory came to me while I was thinking of flaws in the first theory. Similar to the 13th level theory, maybe everything we see and imagine is not true. Like a vivid imagination we are creating a reality in front of us. Hence there exist various realities created such that each individual is successful in their own world.

3. The next theory was something I came up with long time ago. But I’m just including it here. This is where we are robots or humanoids created but another much smarter species on earth (haven’t figured which one yet, maybe cockroaches). We were created to see how when given power and control do the species react. We are under ongoing research showing maybe favorable results. Or maybe they lost control of us. Not really sure.

Yeah so that’s my life theories. Personally I don’t particularly believe in them but its something that makes you think. Oh btw will be posting the next chapter to my story tomorrow and perhaps another one on Sunday. Till then take care and may you succeed in your reality. 😉


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