Dead Again Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Details

Matt felt a hand touch his head. It was cold as icy but it still brought a warm feeling inside him. Am I
dead? Matt didn’t want to open his eyes. He feared he wouldn’t like what he saw.

“Matt. Matt.” A voice was calling out his name. He knew the voice but he couldn’t place it. “Matt, open
your eyes. You are not dead. At least not right now.” And suddenly Matt remembered the voice. It was
the voice in the alley and the one in his dream. Was it a dream? Now that he thought about it, it seemed
more real now than it did then.

Matt opened his eyes slowly. He was in his room but he was looking at himself. What the –. Matt looked
around. Everything was just as it was like left in the morning. Am I fucking dead and looking my body?

“No, like I said, you are not dead. But technically you aren’t alive either.” Matt sprung around. What he
saw scared the lights out of him. He knew who it was. It didn’t look exactly like how the books described
him but there was a close resemblance. “Dark Angel,” Matt whispered, like whispering it made it seem
more real.

“I like the name Death more but you can call me anything you please.”

Matt was confused. He knew he was supposed to dead because he was seeing (and talking) to Death but
at the same time Death said he wasn’t dead. Does that make me a ghost or something?

“Matt, I have looked at your life. It is boring and uneventful. I bet you didn’t even have a memory flash
before you as you died. I decided to give you a chance.”

“A chance? Does that mean I can live?” Matt asked. There was a slight hope in his voice.

“Not really. You get to relive the day. Try to not die or maybe create a memory. Do anything worth

“Relive the day? What do you mean?”

“Do have this constant habit of interrupting people? Let me finish what I have to say and then you can
ask your questions. You will get to relive the day every time you die. You shall however not remember
the previous time’s events but your conscience will however not follow the same routine. You will
also have a span of 1 minute between each time. You can talk to me if you want, you will remember
everything during this period and maybe change some events and plan your next time. Any questions?’

“So I live today again and again till I make sure I don’t die? Its like a time loop that I’m stuck in.”

“ Technically yes. But to get out of the ‘loop’ you don’t necessary need to live through the day. You can
get out if you manage to do one event in your life that you will want to remember as your last memory.
Oh, your 1 minute is up. Go back to your life.”

“No wait! I still have questions!” Matt yelled out but Death grew dimmer and dimmer in his vision as he
felt something sucking him into nothingness.


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