Dead Again Chapter 4

Ok before I put up the chapter, a small change has been made to the previous chapter 2….the name of the song he was listening to is Hessian Peel by Opeth. It was suggested by Sushmita! Anyway nothing else. I know this chapter is short but I promise I will post the next one today. So hope you enjoy! 😀

Chapter 4 – Third Time Lucky?

Matt woke up with a strange feeling. He felt like he was supposed to remember something but he didn’t remember. He shook his head and looked at the time. 11:00am. Haley’s dress thing! Matt groaned.

“I know I’m going to be late. Might as be fashionably late.” He smiled. “The entire family was going to be there. Haley probably won’t even notice that I’m not there.”

Matt casually put his clothes on and looked outside. It was a beautiful Saturday morning. He grabbed his wallet and keys and headed to the car.

As he was waiting at a signal a car came stopped next to him. The car was blasting the song Hessian Peel. He loved the song and sang along with it. He looked at the guy in the car and nodded his head, acknowledging the guy’s choice. The guy looked at him and smiled.

The light turned green and just as the guy started his car, Matt heard an explosion and saw the windows in his car break and shatter across his face. He smelt something burning and something hot. He heard a consequent explosion and before he knew what was going on, his car blew up just like the one next to his. Matt wasn’t dead yet. He could hear the screams and feel the excruciating pain in his body. Matt knew he was taking his last breathes. As everything was numbing out, Matt tried hard to remember something about himself but all he could think about was how dead he was. He closed his eyes and slowly he felt nothing.


Matt opened his eyes. He was looking at his body. Suddenly all the memories of his past deaths came to him. He looked to find Death standing next to him.

“A car bomb. Quite unfortunate.” He said.

Matt rubbed his head. “Yeah. That was weird. So does that mean that other guy died too?”

“Yes. But you don’t have to worry about it. The time has reset itself and he is…undead. But he shall die again and again in the same manner.”

“So I won’t take the car. All I have to do is mind my business and just clear my head and go to the dress rehearsal.”

“You, at least got the even this time”

“Huh?” Before Death could say anything more, Matt felt himself being pulled into the real world.


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