Bucket List

Hello!! I know I promised to post the next chapter 2 days ago but unfortunately I’m stuck in a rut. So I can’t guarantee when the next chap will be out but it’s almost done except for the one part.. Anyway I decided to put up a bucket list because I am bored at work(yes I am always bored). So here it goes:

  1. Visit Barcelona, Spain with Sayali and Batul.
  2. Watch a Barca vs Real Madrid match at Camp Nou.
  3. See Lionel Messi in person(and get his autograph too :P)
  4. Get a full body massage.
  5. Own at least 5 dogs
  6. Own a house in the middle of the sea.
  7. Go for Olympics and FIFA World Cup.
  8. Go to Japan and buy the Death Note manga.
  9. Buy the Speedo LZR Racer swim suit.
  10. Get a job I actually like (probably the hardest one to achieve).
  11. Bungee Jumping!!!!!
  12. Scuba Diving
  13. Rock Climbing
  14. Jump from the top of a waterfall.
  15. Execute the perfect murder (this will not happen and if it does no one will know because its going to be perfect 😛 )
  16. Complete my movie list
  17. Eat sushi in Japan.
  18. Date a Spanish guy.
  19. Donate money to charity
  20. Remember people’s birthday.
  21. Do something useful
  22. Spend an entire day sleeping
  23. Complete a story
  24. Learn Spanish, French, Latin (just for the heck of it), Korean, Japan and if I can then Chinese.
  25. Donate Blood
  26. Write an inspirational note in a book for someone to find.
  27. Ride in a hot air balloon
  28. Complete engineering successfully.
  29. Ride a horse
  30. Go to a concert
  31. Go to a casino!!!
  32. Win money in a casino.
  33. Do a proper fast on a day in Ramadan.
  34. Visit all 7 continents.
  35. Go to Antarctica.
  36. Go to Space (far reached for now but you never know)
  37. Not talk for a whole day. Not even in my head. (this is impossible but i want to accomplish it one day)
  38. Build a snowman.
  39. Play a actual full scale snowball fight.
  40. Take part in a protest.
  41. Be part of the 1%.
  42. Learn 100 new words.
  43. Meet and know someone super famous. (Till now the closest I have come is I have a friend whose friend dated a model in China. The model was in Elle. So she has to famous, right?)
  44. Own a family heirloom, something that has been in the family for at least 3 generations.
  45. Own a island.
  46. Complete the bucket list.
  47. Attend the Oscars.
  48. See the Northern Lights.
  49. Color my hair.
  50. See all 7 Wonders of the World.
  51. Tour the entire South America.
  52. Learn the national anthems of all the countries.
  53. Visit Glasgow’s Necropolis.
  54. Go to Italy.
  55. Meet Eminem or at least go to one of concerts
  56. Go to a Eric Clapton Concert.
  57. Stay awake for 24 hours.
  58. Enjoy something that looks disgusting.
  59. Have a Harry Potter marathon. Watch all 7 movies in one day.
  60. Go swimming in the sea at night.
  61. Go to India during Holi.
  62. Visit a Madame Tussaud’s
  63. Ask 20 people to suggest 1 book and read all of them.
  64. Own a pet reptile (personal favourite would be a snake but a exotic lizard would also be fine. I just love reptiles.)

Yeah that’s about all I can think of. Probably will add more when I think of something.


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