Sites to visit when extremely bored and where you can learn a thing or two

Yes, I am a bored person. I get bored doing the things I love. It’s just me. And internet is the best thing that has happened to mankind. There are a bunch of sites that I visit when I’m really bored and want to read something.


  1. Listverse (


One of the best sites that I found. I found this site when looking for a top 10 list for something and after that I have been addicted to it. Basically, the site covers a list of Top 10(sometimes 15 or 20) of various topics from science to art to miscellaneous things. The lists may sometimes be outdated or slightly biased because they are written by members (similar to Wikipedia). Some of my favorite lists include top 10 evil women, top 10 bank robberies and top 10 unexplained historical events.


  1. Cracked (

Cracked Logo 3

Again found by looking up for a list of top something. This site is similar to Listverse except it is humorous. The author Felix is a comedic writer and the site has a bunch of list mainly targeting funny topics like ‘Things You Wouldn’t Tell People’ and ‘5 Hilarious Reasons Publishers Rejected Best Sellers’. It is a great past time to read them as they are extremely light and funny. There are also lists that involve some interesting things too. Some of my favorites would be ‘Things You Find In Space’ and ‘5 Super Powers You Think Are Cool But Aren’t Actually’.


  1. Thought Catalog (

Thought Catalogue

This one was suggested by my friend Sushmita. The site has some really thought provoking articles and also some funny one. It has blogs by mainly people in their 20s so the target audience is people who believe that they are in their 20s.


  1. The Hollywood Life (


Please don’t judge me on this one. I am not one of those crazy people who are obsessed with what is going on in Hollywood and crazy about celebrity news. I came across this site purely by accident (ok not so much of an accident). The site has all these rumors and news about the celebrity couples and fashion related stuff. It is also surprising addictive. Some of the stuff are so funny that I am literally laughing at office (which is embarrassing). I don’t read the fashion stuff but you have to check out the stuff about one celeb dissing the other and the heart broken celebs trying to get back. It is a reality show. 😛


  1. Wikipedia (do I even need to write it)


Wikipedia is one site that cannot be blocked in any office. It is also super entertaining and addictive especially when you get into the Wikipedia Loop (this is something I made up. Basically you read a page, find something you don’t understand, click on it and read about repeat again). I don’t like calling myself much of a geek but I read about quantum mechanics, Bose-Einstein Condensate, the dark rift, movie synopsis and almost everything in between. I simply adore the site.


  1. (

2012-10-17 17.59.41

Yes, I am a football fan. I won’t say I’m obsessed but I know what is going on in almost all the leagues. My preferred team is Barcelona (yes, I will have a blog dedicated to them) but I like keeping tabs on all the other teams too. I read the news there every half hour. I even have the app on my phone.



So that’s about it. There are other sites that I visit to kill bored like Reddit but I don’t go there that often (mainly because it is blocked in my office…gosh I hate the office). Maybe someday when you are stuck in a office like me bored to hell and have a whole lot of sites blocked you can go check these out. Till then bye. 😀




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