Day 1 – 5 Ways To Win My Heart

Since I am super bored most of the time at office and also at home, I decided to try out this 30 day list challenge. I doubt I will be able to complete it but I will try my best.

So the first is a list of ways to win my heart. I am one of those people who instantly like a person. Getting on my bad side is kinda hard. Unless you really annoy me or do something really bad, chances are you are in my good books. I mean I don’t even hate serial killers but yeah they deserve to die, unless they are super smart and can get away with it due they ingeniousness and not because the cops suck. Anyway 5 ways to win my heart.

  1.  Buy me ice-cream. Buy me a colorful ice-cream with colorful sprinkles on top in a cone and bang I love you. I love ice-creams no what the weather is.
  2. Like my favorite songs and singers. The moment I can talk to you about my favorite and sing along to my favorite songs with you, you instantly become my twin (I’m still the evil one 😛 ). Though I have a lot of favorite songs and singers, two in particular are Eminem and Eric Clapton.
  3. Football/Soccer. This is a make it or break it topic. You have to watch football. And you cannot support my rival teams. Football is one of those intense sports where if you support Real Madrid or Manchester United, sorry but I cannot be with you.
  4. My friends have to like you. It doesn’t have to be all my friends but just my closest friends and you have to be nice to them.
  5. Surprise me! I love surprises! Everyone does and I get surprised by the smallest things. Get me a puppy for my birthday 😉 or take me to a movie I wanted to go. Some suggestions but come up with your own.


See it’s not that hard for me to like someone. Falling in love with that person is long way. But these things help 😉 .



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