Dead Again – Chapter 6

It’s your lucky day!!! Not only did I managed to finish the previous chapter but i finished the last chapter too!!! Here it is. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 😀

Chapter 6 – Is it really over?

Matt woke with a frown on his face. He was annoyed about something and he couldn’t figure out why. He looked at the time and remembered about his sister’s dress rehearsal. Screw it.

Matt got out of the bed and dragged his feet to the bathroom. He noticed a picture a of his entire family on his desk. It was taken almost 5 years back, the last time the entire family got together for a vacation. He picked up the picture and tried to remember the place. Was it the Bahamas or Hawaii? He shook his head and smiled at the happy faces of his mom and dad. He suddenly missed the carefree nature he had in the photo.

Matt brushed his teeth and went straight to the drawer where he kept all his photo albums. He went through the photos and smiled at all the memories coming to him. The time he got drunk at a party back in high school and went home with some guy he met on the street. The guy turned to be one of his closest friends. There were photos of his many camping trips with his college frat buddies. He came across a photo of one of the girl’s he had a crush on in middle school and laughed at the stupidity of the reasons he never bothered to tell her how he felt.

Matt got up and called his mother. “Mom, this is Matt”

“Hello Matt sweetheart. Where are you? Your sister needs you.”

“Yeah about that, I’m not going today. Tell Haley I’m sorry”

“Are you Ok?”

“Yeah mom. Just not feeling up to it. Sorry.”

“It’s ok, darling. I’ll let Haley you can’t make it today.”

“Thanks mom.” Matt cut the phone and looked at all the photos in his room. He knew he was going to regret what he was going to do next. Maybe a few more minutes. He e switch on his iPod and walked aimlessly in the room. He went back to the photos and browsed through more of them. He felt sad and at the same time happy remembering all the good times he had in his life.

Matt stood up and changed the song on his iPod to Hessian Peel. He felt the song was somehow perfect for what he was about to do next. He organized his room and put the photos back in the drawer. He stepped out in the balcony. The warm breeze blowing made him smile and a tear dropped from his eye. He was going to miss everything. He stepped on the balcony railing and looked at the sky. He tried to remember all the happy memories and replay them in his head again and again. He jumped off the balcony, head first, with a smile on his face. Thank you.


Matt held Death’s cold hand has Death took him to the other side.

“I did it, didn’t I?” Matt asked, looking forward. He didn’t want to look at Death. He knew it was over but he didn’t want to face it yet.

Death remained silent. He was absorbed in his own thoughts. He looked at Matt. He got a sudden urge to turn back and let him live but he wasn’t going to break his own rules. Matt beat his game. He had not just one happy memory but a whole bunch of them. He smiled. For the first time he was taking a soul alone to the Other Side. The other souls can wait. He felt lonely all of a sudden.

‘Yes, Matt.” Death whispered back. He began humming the intro to Hessian Peel. Matt smiled and hummed along as they walked toward the gate.


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