Dead Again – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Still No Luck?

Matt sprang up. He realised he had slept in and he really need to get out of bed and go to Haley’s dress rehearsal. He quickly got ready, grabbed his jacket and rushed out of the house.

He decided to run to the venue instead of the taking the car. The traffic was already insane, he didn’t want to be later than what he already was. He took out his cell phone and called his sister.

“Matt! Where are you? We are going to start!” his sister Haley yelled from the other side.

“I’m sorry Haley! I’m just running a little late, literally”

“Well run faster then. You have to be here for this. It means a lot to me.”

“It’s not the wedding. You can chill”

“It’s the dress rehearsal. If this isn’t perfect, then my wedding is a disaster!”

“Melodramatic much. By the way, why is the radio playing?” Matt heard Hessian Peel playing at the background.

“What are you talking about? Whatever. I need to go now. Just get here fast.” Haley cut the phone. Matt smirked. Haley had always been the dramatic one in the family.

As Matt climbed the final steps to the wedding hall, his foot tripped. He grabbed the railing but his hand slipped and he fell backwards head first. Everything felt like it was in slow motion. His head hit the edge of a step. Matt felt his consciousness slipping away. He tried hard to grab onto to something but he body grew limp as he slowly descended down the stairs in a very painful manner.

When he finally hit the ground, Matt felt pain in every part of his body. He fought against his brain’s urge to completely shut down. He heard voices. He couldn’t recognize them. He wanted to focus on something either a face or a sound but everything was blurry and distant. Finally, with a last but of strength in his body he uttered, “Not again.”


Matt knew where he was before even opening his eyes. When saw Death next to him. He was sure of it.

“I died because I fell off the stairs?” Matt yelled.

“Not exactly. You went into a coma for nearly 5 years till you finally died.”

“What? If I was in coma doesn’t that mean, I didn’t die”

“Yes, but you die eventually and you didn’t really do as I wanted. Also, I don’t think that was the ending you wanted.”

“Maybe not. But how come I don’t remember my coma time?”

“If can create a time loop, then I can also fast forward it. I just went straight to the part where you die and brought you back here” Death replied, nonchalantly.

“Honestly, I don’t even want to go to Haley’s dress rehearsal. Whenever I try to go there, I die”

There was a moment of silence. Suddenly Matt got an idea.

“I know what I have to do! Send me back to my body.”

Death nodded.


Matt woke and groaned. He knew he was late for his sister’s wedding dress rehearsal. He thought about skipping it and then decided that it wasn’t a bad idea after all. He could just call her later and apologize.

Matt got out of bed and followed his usual routine. He poured cereal in a bowl and sat down in front of the TV. He flipped channels till he finally reached VH1. They were playing Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. He relaxed himself on the couch. Nothing better than good old music and food on a lovely Saturday morning.

Matt took a spoonful of cereal, just when the next song began playing. It was Hessian Peel by Opeth. Something triggered in his body. It wasn’t because he loved the song but something inside him was telling him something was wrong. He tried to gulp his cereal in one go but unfortunately something got stuck in his throat. He began coughing badly. He got up to get a glass of water. But it made it worse. He doubled up and tried his best to cough it out. Tears began swelling in his eyes and he crawled to the kitchen to get water. Suddenly he realised he was finding it difficult to breathe. As much as he gasped for air his natural instinct tried to cough out the object stuck in his throat. He felt an intense pain in his chest. Suddenly all he could think about was oxygen and its importance. His will to do anything was somehow lost. He lay there on the ground coughing and gasping at the same time as his vision became blurry and then he felt no pain.


“No way! No fucking way!” Matt yelled.

“That was a quite unfortunate incident” Death said. Matt could almost smirk the smirk on Death’s face.

“You did that on purpose! That was so stupid!”

“I don’t do anything on purpose. I just let the events follow their course.”

“Yeah right. You are just fucking with me and my head. For all I know you are enjoying it.’

“I am enjoying this. This is something I haven’t done before and you are quite an interesting subject.”

“Oh so I’m a lab rat. Well fuck you! And fuck your stupid games! I’m not playing this shit anymore. Get me out of here.”

“Sorry but you haven’t completely what you had to do. I am not satisfied.” Death paused. Matt wanted to yell something out but he just didn’t know what else to say to change Death’s mind. “Time’s up.”

“Fuck yo- “  Matt was cut short by the pull to reality.


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