Day 3 – 5 Books that I Recommend Reading

Day 3 – 5 Books that I Recommend Reading


Ok this is probably going the hardest list. I mean out of all the books that I have read picking just 5 would be almost impossible. I will however to ease my brain put in series.


  1. Harry Potter series – J.K. Rowling. Right off the top, if you don’t read the series you can not enjoy any of the movies. Being a Potterhead, I highly recommend this book firstly because it changed a whole generation completely and secondly because it is good. There have been a lot of books on magic but J.K. Rowling brought the children and growing up aspect really well.
  2. The Picture of Dorian Gray – Oscar Wilde. This book was my favorite book when I was kid. I read it so many times. It is very dark book but the human nature and vanity and everything about this book is simply too good.  I have read other short stories by Oscar Wilde and his mindset is very similar to mine. A dark yet happy mindset. All his stories tend to have a happy ending, depending on how you look at it.
  3. The Earth Chronicles – Zacharia Sitchen. This is the only non-fiction that is going to be on the list. The Earth Chronicles are a series of books on the ancient astronaut theory. Though some of the theories presented have been proved wrong, it is still interesting and informative.
  4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy – Douglas Adams. This is probably one of the most hilarious science fiction books I have ever read. I love this book. You could read the whole series but the first one is the best. I like the next one ‘Restaurant at the End of The Universe’ (not what you think ;)). Though most people don’t find it humorous, it takes a little bit of intellectual humor to get it.
  5. The Devotion of Suspect X – Keigo Higashino. This is one of the recent books that I read and let me tell you I was hooked. The entire story you know what has happened and all you are waiting for it to unfold with a twist at the end. After I finished reading the book, I had to pause and think replay the entire thing in my mind. It was that good.


So that’s the list of books I recommend for now. There actually at lot of books that I would love to add but I guess maybe next time. So till then enjoy reading! 😀


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