Day 5 – 5 Weird Things I Like

Day 5 – 5 Weird Things I Like

This is going to be an easy list for me. I love weird things! I do weird things all the time! I am in general a very weird child. But I’m fun too!! Its fun trying out weird things and eventually loving it!

  1. Vodka with Aloe Vera juice. One of the disadvantages of living in dorm is that you have to hide you booze and when you are drinking it you have to work with anything for a chaser. One crazy night, we had booze and no coke so next best thing…juice. Unfortunately for us we had only aloe juice and turns out aloe juice and vodka taste surprising good!
  2. Pork/Turkey with Peppermint Ice-Cream. Ok I love colorful ice-cream and peppermint ice-cream is red, green and white! Ok so one day for dinner I had turkey rolled in bacon and I bought peppermint ice-cream. And like the crazy person I am, I had both of them together. It actually tasted good and I liked it. Unfortunately my friends don’t agree.
  3. Math. This is not that weird. All lot of geeks like math. But strangely enough my love for math is so much that when I get drunk I do integration, literally. I don’t know why I do it but apparently when I get drunk, I become super smart and can do integration and differentiation on the spot.
  4. Raw sugar. A lot of people love sweet but I love sugar. Just plain sugar. I usually take a bowl of sugar and eat it while watching TV or just because I’m bored. It is not a disorder (trust me, I checked). I just like eating raw sugar.
  5. Blood. I am not a vampire but when I cut myself, I suck my blood to stop the bleeding and I love the taste of blood. It has this metallic taste. I love it. There was a point in my life where I would deliberately bite my lips or the inside of my cheek, so that it would bleed (don’t worry I don’t do it anymore).

Yes, you have very right to deem me as a weird being and destroy any connection you have with me. But hey! That’s just me. I am a little on the crazy side. (Ok not a little :D). Anyway have a great day. 😀


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