Day 6 – 5 Favourite Food Items

Day 6 – 5 Favorite Food Items

Food. In general, I don’t like eating that much. Yes, I am a thin/healthy person but to me food isn’t everything. I can survive a whole day without eating. No big deal. But when I do eat, I can eat a good amount. Ok well most people think I eat little but in my opinion I eat a lot.

  1. Ice- Cream. I absolutely love ice-cream. I have probably already mentioned ice-cream at least 3 times in my previous blogs. I love ice cream to death. I think I can survive only on ice-cream.
  2. Sushi. I wanted to eat sushi because of my strange fascination to Japan and now I love sushi because it tastes good. Most people don’t like it because its raw fish but it tastes amazing.
  3. Mashed Potato. I think every human being loves mashed potato. Its one of the best things made out of potatoes. And on the plus side it’s not that unhealthy.
  4. Olives. I like that sour taste of green olives. I usually sit with a bottle or bowl of olives while studying.
  5. Meat. I am a strictly non-vegetarian person. I can not survive on a vegetarian diet. I love meat. Any kind of meat is fine with me. As long as you tell me what it is. I like all kinds of preparations. I love to try out different styles in different countries. To all the veg people, you are missing out on something, trust me.

So these are the food stuff I like. I’m not a very picky person but I tend to stay away from veggies. So anyway have a nice day and eat lots of food! 😛


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