Day 7 – 10 Things I Miss

Day 7 – 10 Things That I Miss

I haven’t really lived a very long life (I’m just 18). So most of the things I miss is either still alive or still exist except I don’t have immediate access to it.

  1. My friends. I just finished high school and have come all the way from Oman to Canada whereas most of my friends have gone to India to finish their higher studies. I miss each and everyone one of them. Especially my classmates who made my last 2 years of school such a fun time. Also, I miss Sayali and Batul, my bffs who are too cool!!!
  2. Zorro! My little cutie pie dog! I miss him so much!!! He is a handsome German Sheppard and he is to me the most adorable, lovable little naughty dog (He isn’t really little. He is a big dog.) I miss his ways of receiving maximum petting a day and his very lazy attitude. And not to forget, when he chases pigeons from the window. Classic!
  3. My family friends. They receive a special entry here because of how awesome they are! Sushmita, Titash, Mou, Riku and Rishi! I had so much fun with them! The amount of board games, Xbox, card games and charades we played. I miss not going out with them. I want to be back in Muscat!
  4. Muscat. The place in general is boring without friends but I mostly miss having shawarmas and obviously my parents are there so I miss them too. I miss the heat (having the first snow winter) and the beaches!
  5. School. Not the studies obviously but the fun.
  6. Tuitions. Again not the studies (except math).
  7. University. Right now, I’m on my work term so I am super bored and have nothing to do. I miss hanging out with my floor mates and not to forget floor exercises :P. Oh and also 3am Frisbee game, Pokémon game and twister!
  8. Not having to do any household work. The best part about living with your parents is that most of the work is done by them. Like you just collect all your dirty clothes and put it in the washing machine and your mom sorts it out or going to dad saying “I’m hungry” and your dad makes something really good for you. All you have to do is stand there and talk to him while he makes it. Living alone is so freaking annoying. You suddenly feel hungry and realize there is nothing to eat and you actually have to go grocery shopping. Seriously super annoying.
  9. My ninja pencil. It was the coolest black mechanical pencil! I named it the ninja pencil and it was my favorite. Until this jackass from my class decided to be a idiot instead and broke it.  I still have the pieces. L
  10. Old cartoons on Cartoon Network. I miss Dexter’s Lab, Power Puff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Sheep in the Big City, Johnny Bravo, Kids Next Door, Foster’s Home, Flintstones, Jetson, SCOOBY-DOO and the list goes on. When I was a kid, I simply adored these shows. I had literally watched all the episodes of most of the shows. I was addicted to it!

So yeah, that’s it. Yeah I don’t know what else to write at the end so hope you have an awesome day. Peace out! 😀


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