Day 8 – 7 Words or Phrase That Make You Laugh

Day 8 – 7 Words or Phrase That Make You Laugh

It is very easy to make me laugh. I laugh at the most stupid things and I think its good. After all laughter is the best medicine.

  1. But/Butt. You when people say something and then stop at “but” yeah that makes me laugh. Like but…and I make it into ‘butt’ in my head and burst out laughing.
  2. Don’t Laugh. The moment someone tells me not to laugh, I laugh. It is possibly because of reverse psychology or whatever but it makes me laugh.
  3. Retard (French word for slow). You have pretty much guessed why this is funny. Tu es retard. Literally it means you are slow but you know…sounds more like you are retard.
  4. Oh Hatim. So there was this good-looking guy in our school named Hatim. He was stupid and none of us actually liked him or anything but every time he passed by or anyone saw him we’d go ‘Oh Hatim’. Now it’s an inside joke among my friends and we laugh every time we say it.
  5. Someone got hit by a car. It is not my fault. Movies have made getting hit by a car so funny that whenever someone says that ‘Someone got hit by a car’ I get the funny image and laugh. It’s normal. I think.
  6. The sound from Grudge. Thanks to Scary Movie, that sound will forever be funny to me. I mean the grudge girl coming down the stairs and then rolls and falls down…hahhaha too funny!
  7. Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Really? Seriously? The fact that you are comparing the two books itself is hilarious. I mean how stupid are you? On top of that saying Twilight is better is just uncontrollably funny. I won’t go into details why Harry Potter is better but you can see the effects. Harry

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