Weekly Challenge: Dystopia


The Next Future Intelligence on Earth

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: The Reason behind the Death of Human Race

My name is Ritwika. As of now I should be at least 29 years old. The reason human life no longer exists in its magnificent way is all because of me. To explain better, I shall start right from the beginning.

It all started when I woke up. The last thing I remembered before waking was getting into an accident. My head hurt when I woke up. I looked around. I was in a glass case. I was confused. My body seemed fine and there was no pain so I should have survived the accident. But nothing around me was familiar. I wondered how long I was out. I pushed the glass case open. Immediately a stale stench hit my nose. I looked around to find the source. There were 5 more glass cases around me. There was person sleeping inside each of them. I was unsure if they were dead but then assumed since I was alive they must be too. The place looked abandoned. It was definitely a lab of some kind but it hadn’t been used for at least 10 years or more. I got up and looked around. There was an envelope kept on the table. It had my name and a number underneath it. I ripped it open.

It read:

“Hello! My name is Dr. Werner Arber. You and the others have been for the Restore Human life on Earth Again (Project RHEA). In the year 2014, the year after you went into a coma, a deadly virus was created by USA. The virus spread rapidly first starting in Mexico and finally hitting Switzerland. Since Switzerland was the last country to be affected, scientists were able to study the virus before being infected by it. They were able to determine that the virus will completely wipe out in about 50 years. So, we gathered a few bodies that weren’t affected and froze their bodies so that they will wake up 60 years later. To freeze your bodies we had to use all of our resources which mean that we weren’t able to keep food anywhere. The virus does not affect plant life so eating plants is a safe option. Please copulate amongst yourselves so that we, human beings, can once again take our place on Earth. Good Luck and let Homo sapiens prosper.

Yours truly,

Dr. Werner Arber

Head of Project RHEA

PS: If the virus has not died, then it has evolved to something worse and chances, your bodies to be immune to it, is very slim. So you are screwed in that case.

PSS: Since our freezing bodies for later time technology wasn’t very advanced, there is a chance that you have woken up earlier than supposed to. In that case, you can only that the virus has died or your body is immune to it. Both of which is highly improbable. Hence you are screwed. Once you are out of the glass chamber, you in immediate danger of contacting the virus. So I just hope that is not the case.”

I had to read the letter twice to completely comprehend what was going on. I looked around frantically to search for the date. I found a digital clock attached to one of the glass cases. It was the 29th of February, 2024. That is just ten years! That meant that the virus wasn’t dead and I had probably affected it. At first I panicked, but then since I couldn’t feel anything, I decided to step outside and see if this wasn’t some elaborate joke. When I stepped out I was shocked at what I saw. All those video games about zombies suddenly seemed true. What the scientist failed to tell was that the virus made you into ZOMBIES! That’s was when I realized that my skin was shriveling up. The virus basically increases the rate of decomposition.

So now I am a zombie. Not the kind you find in movies. Like popular belief, we stop feeling pain and hence even if someone pulled my eyes out I wouldn’t feel anything. The reason we crave fresh brains is the brain fluids decreases the rate by a few seconds. We continue to think till our brain decomposes and I know my brain is decomposing because my memories are becoming foggy. Oh I almost forgot to mention why I am the reason human race is over. The scientists failed to note that is one of us woke up early and was infected by the virus that person will eat all the others up. And that’s what I did. I gorged on the others brains and there is no chance for human revival without those people. I will probably survive another 3 months if I don’t find more brains. So now I will go outside and look for brains. BRAAAAAAIIIIINSSSSSSSS…………

I am writing this letter because I feel obliged to give this information to whatever new intelligent species that will take over the world.

            Yours Truly,

Ritwika Bhattacharjee


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