Day 11 – 4 Things You Wish Never Happened In History

So Day 10 is supposed to be your bucket list, which I have already done so I’m skipping it.

Day 11 – 4 Things You Wish Never Happened In History

There are various focal points in history and if one were to change it, life as we know it would not be the same. I wouldn’t want to change history because it could in a different me and I don’t want that. But there are I guess a few things in history I would like to change just to see the outcome. Maybe go to another parallel dimension and check it out.


  1. Hitler wins the WWII. Things would be very different if Hitler had actually won the World War. There would be no Space Race, no Cold War, no probably not much of democracy either. Our advances in technology wouldn’t be that much but you never know. I mean nuclear power would be there. And we would have better German cars. So can’t really tell.
  2. Indus Valley Civilization Doesn’t Wipe Out. One of the most advanced ancient civilizations. Some speculate that this civilization knew nuclear fission and were like modern times in the medical fields. It is amazing what this civilization had accomplished before being wipe out. Archeologists don’t know what happened to them but imagine if the information they had wasn’t lost in time, we would be making flying cars and robots like in I-Robot by now.
  3. The Library of Alexandria Didn’t Burn Down. This ancient library had every document every to be written till that time. It even had an automatic door! The library was open to all scholars and scholars believed in the library so much that they used to keep their original writings there and take copies home instead. Unfortunately in a tragic accident the library caught fire and burned down. A real loss in ancient information.
  4. Ancient Chinese Dynasties Didn’t Burn the Previous King’s Documents. A very weird thing the ancient Chinese people did was burn all the king’s documents when the king died. Apparently, it was bad omen to keep a dead person’s things. Even if they were world changing documents like an accurate map of the world. The first global map was made by the Chinese in 1421. The then Chinese king sent 5 ships in 5 directions to sail across the globe and draw and accurate map of the world. Unfortunately, the king died before the ships made it back and when the ships returned 2 years later, all their hard work was burnt except a few documents held by the sailors. Thank goodness for those sailors. But the world could be really different if we had those maps.


I am a history person. I don’t like modern history as much as I like ancient history. Anyway share you views and have a beautiful day! Adios 😀


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