Day 12 – 5 Things You Love About Yourself

I love myself. I don’t mean to sound narcissist or anything but I realized that there is no point in hating yourself. It is very easy to change yourself if you want to. Obviously one cannot like every aspect about themselves. I don’t like some parts of me and I try to change it but overall I love how I have turned out. A complete goofball!


  1. I love my happy attitude. I am in general a very happy person. I don’t complain much and try to take in the happy notes in life. I don’t want to live a life with regrets. One example is I like Thursdays because the next day is a Friday! I try to like Mondays because usually it’s after the weekend so everyone in my office is lazy and still in weekend mode. So less work for me!
  2. I love sense of humor. My sense of humor I guess is the immature kind but thanks to that I can laugh at almost anything! And laughter is after all the best medicine.
  3. I love my brain. It is so fascinating what a brain can do. It does everything! So if you like anything about you, your brain is responsible for that. Hence I love my brain! Also I love having conversations with my brain when I’m alone.
  4. I love my hands. They are so cool! I wouldn’t be able to type this (maybe I could) if it weren’t for my hands. So thank you hands. I guess I’d have to thank my feet too then. And my mouth and nose. Ok I change my mind; I love my body the way it is. There much better.
  5. I love my dark thoughts. Most people are scared of their dark, evil self but the best way to not become evil is to embrace it. I like my dark thoughts. Even the ones that include mass murder and torture. That’s just how I roll. They help me write dark humor and dark stories. 😀


Special mentions to my immunity system (thanks to you I don’t fall sick that often) and last but the least my eyes for letting me see everything awesome in this world. 😀



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