Day 14 – 4 Things You Started But Failed To Accomplish

Day 14 – 4 Things You Started But Failed To Accomplish

Wow, things I started. I started so many art project during summer I never completed or tried to learn a language and everything. There are so many things that it is hard to short-list just 4. Anyway, I’ll do this list about things I want to get back to; hopefully someday in the future.

  1. My wax model of the HappiEmo symbol. I melted candles and added color to them and everything. I even made the mold but I never ended my completing it. I don’t know why I didn’t complete it, but I didn’t and I still have the things at home. Maybe next time I’m in Oman I’ll complete it.
  2. My knitting thing. Ok so in December I started a knitting project for a shawl. I did some 50 lines with 193 knits and then I noticed a mistake in between and my stupid perfectionist brains decided to open the whole thing which I did and again knitted some 30 lines then I got bored and haven’t done anything since. I like knitting. It is kinda cool (maybe in an old lady way but I still like it). So I’m hoping to get back to that…soon.
  3. My incomplete stories. Before I wrote and completed ‘Dead Again’, I have written 3 more stories and some 5 more chapter 1s and prologues. The 3 stories which I wrote previously are all incomplete. I know how it ends but I never ended up completing them. I hope that one day I will end up completing them. Or at least finish the first one which is name ‘Kiss of Death’. That is a really stupid story but I started it when I was in 9th grade.
  4. My awesome game in C#. During first term in University, I made this really annoying death game in C# as kept adding stuff as I learnt things in C#. But now it is incomplete and I still haven’t debugged it. Maybe one day when I’m bored enough I’ll get back to it and do it.

So these are the things I want to get back to hopefully some day in the future. I know I really want to complete it so best of luck to me? Hahaha. 😛


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