Day 15 – 5 Things You Are Scared Of

Day 15 – 5 Things You Are Scared Of


Ok normally I would say that I’m not scared of anything but thinking deep enough there are obviously some fears in my life. I am going to include hypothetical situations too because when I think about it, the idea is also scary.

  1. Cockroaches. I cannot mention this enough. I am terrified of cockroaches. I scream and I am literally paralyzed when I see a cockroach. I think this started when I was a kid and my brother would scare me with cockroaches. I never got over it. I googled it just now and found out that fear of cockroaches is called Katsaridaphobia. I will google more information about it.
  2. Clowns and huge cartoon mascots. I don’t know why I am scared of them but I just am. It’s not like I will scream and run for my life but I just avoid them. Maybe I have an unreasonable logic that clowns and mascots are usually pedophiles or rapists.
  3. Ninja Zombies Apocalypse. Ok what if zombies become like ninjas? Already the fact that ninjas could be anywhere and you couldn’t see them is scary enough but what if the zombie turned out to be like that. Killing a zombie is tough enough. You have to shot them in the head. If they are like ninjas, super fast and super stealthy, then we are doomed.
  4. Turning into an Evil Psychopath. I have evil thoughts all the time. Then I convince myself that I cannot turn evil because I have some touch with morality (at least I think I do). I care about people to some extent. But what if I lose it. If I turn evil, it will be difficult to stop me because I’ll be like Ted Bundy’s early stages. A calculating and cruel psychopath.
  5. Being buried alive. I want to be cremated when I die. In case I’m not dead at least I won’t be buried alive. This is probably the worst possible form of torture. I don’t think my psychopathic self would even inflict. When you are buried alive, you know you are going to die. There is no escape. You are thirsty and hungry. Adrenaline kicks in to keep you alive. You chew your fingers and then you slowly run out of oxygen. You lungs hurt, you lose touch with reality. You start imagining you are rescued and then you are bought back. You are given pictures of hope by your brain and then snatched away. It’s terrible and scary. You do not want to be in that situation.



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