Patience Iago, Patience

“Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!”

I saw the daily prompt for today and I loved it! I love movies just as much as I love ice-cream. OK maybe I like ice-cream more. Fine I like movies just as much as I hate cockroaches. OK coming back to the topic, the title line is from Aladdin. My favorite 2D movie of all time! I spent all my childhood watching Aladdin and Duck Tales. I don’t really remember much before I was 3 or 4 but my parents keep telling me how I would annoy them to death to watch Aladdin whenever the TV was switched on.

So this line is used after Zafar’s first attempt to open the Cave of Wonders. When the cave swallows up Gazeem, Iago starts babbling how he can’t believe and stuff and then Zafar say, “Patience Iago, patience.” I love this movie so much I know most of the lines by heart! I should watch the movie again tonight…

Jafar and Iago

The line is a bit before this scene but it’s the closest one I could find

I was a very impatient kid when I was little. And my brother to annoy me would keep saying it and I hated it. But later I realized I missed it when my brother left. And then i would say it to my smaller brother,  Zorro (who is also my dog).  Zorro wouldn’t obviously understand it but after a  point He would start barking if I said it. I assume it’s because he gets annoyed by it. So my theory is that is the most annoying line ever!

So that’s a little history about the line and why it’s my favorite! Have an awesome day and enjoy! 😀


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