Shine On You Crazy Diamonds!

OK so yesterday I was feeling super happy because FCBarcelona won against AC Milan in Uefa CL. And then Arsenal won (though they didn’t qualify for quarters, they still beat Bayern!) So anyway because I was super happy, I wanted to listen to Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself. So I heard it and then I heard Shine On You Crazy Diamonds by Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd

So what comes after Shine On You Crazy Diamonds? Yes the entire Pulse album. And it’s like ecstasy! The guitar solos and the words are so freaking powerful! (I’m trying to keep the post clean.) After Pulse obviously you listen to The Wall and that’s when I realized how much I miss listen to Pink Floyd with my dad. We would listen to them everywhere. In the car, at home, during dinner! The best thing about Pink Floyd albums is that the entire album is like one song. It has an epic opening song and the entire album then takes you to some really psychedelic place and then the last song brings you back but at the same time leaves you with amazing memories. I cannot describe how much I love Pink Floyd. The annoying part is you want to listen to the next song but the current song is so good you want to hear it twice!

That is Comfortably Numb. It’s so beautiful! I would do almost anything to go for at least one Pink Floyd concert. I feel chills when I listen to them. They are by far my most favorite band.

So yeah’s that’s about Pink Floyd. If you haven’t checked them out, then you haven’t heard epicness. OK maybe you have a different choice of music, but still you have to listen to them.


One thought on “Shine On You Crazy Diamonds!

  1. Lovely! It was your dad who introduced me to Pink Floyd actually. Whenever we’d go for those trips and I’d be your car, we’d only listen to Pink Floyd. SIgh. Good times!!

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