Heart breaks are probably the worst kind of pain. You can take a pain killer and soothe out physical pain but heart breaks are totally different. It’s like a you are standing right in the middle of a war between your heart and brain and all you feel like doing is cry.

Most people feel heart breaks when they break up with their boyfriend/lover/husband. But my heart is broken not because of a guy. Yesterday my favorite football team FC Barcelona lost against Bayern Munich and as much as people say it is stupid to cry over a match, it means a lot to me.

To put a cherry on my grief, the weather is cloudy and raining and it is bad. Just the worst feeling in the world! I try to forget it. I am trying to think of happy things or even sad things, right now I don’t care! Anything is fine. But the moment I stop thinking about anything, I feel my heart clench and tears in my eyes. It is sad.

Anyway, I thought writing this blog would get my mind off the game for at least a few moments and it did. So hope you guys have had a better day!


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