Daily Prompt: Bedtime Stories

What was your favorite book as a child? Did it influence the person you are now?

I was an avid reader from childhood. The first book I read and can remember was the short stories collections by Enid Blyton. She was one of my favorite authors growing up. I read at least 20 of her short stories collections, the Famous Five series, the Five Find-Outers series and the Secret Seven series.

My first novels were Frankenstein, Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Journey to the Center of the Earth, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea to name a few. As you can see most of them have a dark background. My parents were fans of these books so obviously when I wanted to read novels they gave these to me. I think this was primarily where my dark nature began.

But I think that the book that influenced me the most during my childhood had to The Picture of Dorian Gray. I think I read this book when I was in 3rd or 4th grade. This book was my favorite and is still one of my favorite books. For some reason this book seemed to teach me something that none of the other books did.


First off the book was supernatural. Being able to capture one’s beauty in a picture or painting just blew me off. For a long time, I wish I didn’t grow up. Being able to be a child forever seemed more fun than growing up to being an adult. Maybe that’s why even now, I don’t like change in my environment so much.

The book taught morality to me way better than anything else. People say not to do things around you because it is bad. I would question it. Why shouldn’t I? What if I do it? What will happen? The Picture of Dorian Gray spoke about morality. Being bad at first may not seem so bad. You may even enjoy it. But in the end, you lose yourself and no one is your friend. You die alone. The book I had was illustrated and the last picture of the old and evil Dorian Gray was freaky. When I first saw it, I knew I did not want to end up like that. So how to stop it? Be good. Be kind to others and you will not be that ugly creature in the painting.

Lastly, the book showed love wasn’t perfect and so is life. Being a girl, I watched a lot of those princess movies, the ones where it all ends happily ever after. But this book starts out with a love tragedy. The girl, Dorian Gray loves, dies. Her death affected him but he moved on. Her brother didn’t and came back to haunt him. And finally even though he had his wish granted, to be young and beautiful forever, he was so unhappy that he had to kill himself. I learned that exterior beauty is not all and that not everything has a happy ending. It gave me a more realistic view on life.


Day 15 – 5 Things You Are Scared Of

Day 15 – 5 Things You Are Scared Of


Ok normally I would say that I’m not scared of anything but thinking deep enough there are obviously some fears in my life. I am going to include hypothetical situations too because when I think about it, the idea is also scary.

  1. Cockroaches. I cannot mention this enough. I am terrified of cockroaches. I scream and I am literally paralyzed when I see a cockroach. I think this started when I was a kid and my brother would scare me with cockroaches. I never got over it. I googled it just now and found out that fear of cockroaches is called Katsaridaphobia. I will google more information about it.
  2. Clowns and huge cartoon mascots. I don’t know why I am scared of them but I just am. It’s not like I will scream and run for my life but I just avoid them. Maybe I have an unreasonable logic that clowns and mascots are usually pedophiles or rapists.
  3. Ninja Zombies Apocalypse. Ok what if zombies become like ninjas? Already the fact that ninjas could be anywhere and you couldn’t see them is scary enough but what if the zombie turned out to be like that. Killing a zombie is tough enough. You have to shot them in the head. If they are like ninjas, super fast and super stealthy, then we are doomed.
  4. Turning into an Evil Psychopath. I have evil thoughts all the time. Then I convince myself that I cannot turn evil because I have some touch with morality (at least I think I do). I care about people to some extent. But what if I lose it. If I turn evil, it will be difficult to stop me because I’ll be like Ted Bundy’s early stages. A calculating and cruel psychopath.
  5. Being buried alive. I want to be cremated when I die. In case I’m not dead at least I won’t be buried alive. This is probably the worst possible form of torture. I don’t think my psychopathic self would even inflict. When you are buried alive, you know you are going to die. There is no escape. You are thirsty and hungry. Adrenaline kicks in to keep you alive. You chew your fingers and then you slowly run out of oxygen. You lungs hurt, you lose touch with reality. You start imagining you are rescued and then you are bought back. You are given pictures of hope by your brain and then snatched away. It’s terrible and scary. You do not want to be in that situation.


Day 14 – 4 Things You Started But Failed To Accomplish

Day 14 – 4 Things You Started But Failed To Accomplish

Wow, things I started. I started so many art project during summer I never completed or tried to learn a language and everything. There are so many things that it is hard to short-list just 4. Anyway, I’ll do this list about things I want to get back to; hopefully someday in the future.

  1. My wax model of the HappiEmo symbol. I melted candles and added color to them and everything. I even made the mold but I never ended my completing it. I don’t know why I didn’t complete it, but I didn’t and I still have the things at home. Maybe next time I’m in Oman I’ll complete it.
  2. My knitting thing. Ok so in December I started a knitting project for a shawl. I did some 50 lines with 193 knits and then I noticed a mistake in between and my stupid perfectionist brains decided to open the whole thing which I did and again knitted some 30 lines then I got bored and haven’t done anything since. I like knitting. It is kinda cool (maybe in an old lady way but I still like it). So I’m hoping to get back to that…soon.
  3. My incomplete stories. Before I wrote and completed ‘Dead Again’, I have written 3 more stories and some 5 more chapter 1s and prologues. The 3 stories which I wrote previously are all incomplete. I know how it ends but I never ended up completing them. I hope that one day I will end up completing them. Or at least finish the first one which is name ‘Kiss of Death’. That is a really stupid story but I started it when I was in 9th grade.
  4. My awesome game in C#. During first term in University, I made this really annoying death game in C# as kept adding stuff as I learnt things in C#. But now it is incomplete and I still haven’t debugged it. Maybe one day when I’m bored enough I’ll get back to it and do it.

So these are the things I want to get back to hopefully some day in the future. I know I really want to complete it so best of luck to me? Hahaha. 😛

Day 13 – 6 Things You Wouldn’t Mind Doing Again

Day 13 – 6 Things You Wouldn’t Mind Doing Again


There are so many things I wouldn’t mind doing! Oh man I have done a bunch of crazy things. But I’ll try to keep this post short and sweet! 😛

  1. Do 12th grade all over again. As much as I hated studying, I don’t mind doing it all over again. I had so much fun in 12th with my friends and the fact that it was the last year and probably the last time we would meet before long after made 12th grade beautiful.
  2. I want to go to Universal Studios theme park again. I went there on last Christmas and I loved it! The Harry Potter theme park was so cool!!!! Butter beers!! And roller coaster rides. We didn’t get to go on all the rides so I wanna go there again!
  3. Sleepover with my family friends. They are so close we are almost like cousins! Titash and I are probably some 4th or 5th generation cousins. But the sleepovers  I had at Titash’s place and Sush’s place were so much fun! Especially the one where Sush and I played Portal 2 till 5 in the morning!
  4. Read all the awesome books again. For this one, I want to erase my memory about the awesome books I read and read them all over again. I want to enjoy the same feeling I had when I first read them. The suspense and thrill. This is also applicable for movies and Portal 1 and 2.
  5. Dune-buggies! Riding a dune buggy in the desert sands is one of the most fun and awesome things ever! It’s so much fun!
  6. Swimming in Nationals for your school. Though I completely screwed the nationals, fell sick and didn’t win anything, Nationals was still fun! 2 schools from Oman had gone we were staying together and we had so much fun! The place was cold and staying up late and dancing like crazy was so awesome! I loved it.

Day 12 – 5 Things You Love About Yourself

I love myself. I don’t mean to sound narcissist or anything but I realized that there is no point in hating yourself. It is very easy to change yourself if you want to. Obviously one cannot like every aspect about themselves. I don’t like some parts of me and I try to change it but overall I love how I have turned out. A complete goofball!


  1. I love my happy attitude. I am in general a very happy person. I don’t complain much and try to take in the happy notes in life. I don’t want to live a life with regrets. One example is I like Thursdays because the next day is a Friday! I try to like Mondays because usually it’s after the weekend so everyone in my office is lazy and still in weekend mode. So less work for me!
  2. I love sense of humor. My sense of humor I guess is the immature kind but thanks to that I can laugh at almost anything! And laughter is after all the best medicine.
  3. I love my brain. It is so fascinating what a brain can do. It does everything! So if you like anything about you, your brain is responsible for that. Hence I love my brain! Also I love having conversations with my brain when I’m alone.
  4. I love my hands. They are so cool! I wouldn’t be able to type this (maybe I could) if it weren’t for my hands. So thank you hands. I guess I’d have to thank my feet too then. And my mouth and nose. Ok I change my mind; I love my body the way it is. There much better.
  5. I love my dark thoughts. Most people are scared of their dark, evil self but the best way to not become evil is to embrace it. I like my dark thoughts. Even the ones that include mass murder and torture. That’s just how I roll. They help me write dark humor and dark stories. 😀


Special mentions to my immunity system (thanks to you I don’t fall sick that often) and last but the least my eyes for letting me see everything awesome in this world. 😀


Day 9 – 6 Music Artists/Bands You would Love to Sing With

Day 9 – 6 Music Artists/Bands You would Love to Sing With

This is going to be my favorite list! It is also going to be the hardest to decide just 6. I love music! I listen to almost everything. Not a big fan of techno or metal but if it’s good I will listen to it. I like instrumentals too!

  1. Eric Clapton. He is my most favorite singer, musician, artist everything. His voice is so amazing. His song lyrics are beautiful. He is one of the first white guys to sing blues like the blacks do and he did a pretty good job. Not to mention his jazz solos with B.B. King. How can a man be so brilliantly awesome?
  2. Eminem. I don’t listen to rap that much because the lyrics are demeaning and have absolutely no value but the ballads by Eminem are so insightful. And I know I sound like a hypocrite but I also love his dirty songs. I don’t know why but I love Eminem.
  3. Pink Floyd. I love Pink Floyd. They changed psychedelic music. They took it to a whole new level. Their albums are amazing. The Wall, Animal, Pulse, all of them. My favorite song is Money followed by Shine On You Crazy Diamonds.
  4. Yanni. Ok he doesn’t sing. But his compositions are beautiful. I saw him in concert once and I absolutely fell in love with his energy! If I can, even in some other dimension, I would love to sing Nightingale and Aria with him.
  5. Blue/ Boyzone/ Backstreet Boys/ Westlife. Ok in short any boy band from the 90s. I grew up listening to them and I absolutely love them. I would dance to every song of theirs (obviously in the privacy of my room). I still know the lyrics by heart to most of their songs.
  6. GLaDOS. Yes, I mean the character from the game Portal. The ending songs in both Portal 1 and 2 were so cool and funny. I know they were written by Jonathan Coultran but the way she sang in the gameplay was so awesome! It was so much fun to actually meet her and sing those songs with her. 😛 😀

So that’s my list. Just want make a special mention to Justin Timberlake. He is my latest celebrity crush and singing with him would be awesome! He was part of NSync so he is subtly mentioned but still. 😛 😀

Day 8 – 7 Words or Phrase That Make You Laugh

Day 8 – 7 Words or Phrase That Make You Laugh

It is very easy to make me laugh. I laugh at the most stupid things and I think its good. After all laughter is the best medicine.

  1. But/Butt. You when people say something and then stop at “but” yeah that makes me laugh. Like but…and I make it into ‘butt’ in my head and burst out laughing.
  2. Don’t Laugh. The moment someone tells me not to laugh, I laugh. It is possibly because of reverse psychology or whatever but it makes me laugh.
  3. Retard (French word for slow). You have pretty much guessed why this is funny. Tu es retard. Literally it means you are slow but you know…sounds more like you are retard.
  4. Oh Hatim. So there was this good-looking guy in our school named Hatim. He was stupid and none of us actually liked him or anything but every time he passed by or anyone saw him we’d go ‘Oh Hatim’. Now it’s an inside joke among my friends and we laugh every time we say it.
  5. Someone got hit by a car. It is not my fault. Movies have made getting hit by a car so funny that whenever someone says that ‘Someone got hit by a car’ I get the funny image and laugh. It’s normal. I think.
  6. The sound from Grudge. Thanks to Scary Movie, that sound will forever be funny to me. I mean the grudge girl coming down the stairs and then rolls and falls down…hahhaha too funny!
  7. Twilight is better than Harry Potter. Really? Seriously? The fact that you are comparing the two books itself is hilarious. I mean how stupid are you? On top of that saying Twilight is better is just uncontrollably funny. I won’t go into details why Harry Potter is better but you can see the effects. Harry